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Hi, I’m Sally Grisedale, an executive coach for product leaders working for the world’s leading technology companies. Before coaching,


I was a design executive that built products for companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, and Apple. 


At Yahoo! I helped grow the User Experience Design team from 20 to over 150, helped set the industry standard for ad transparency at Facebook, led the research and design of healthcare applications for emerging markets at Apple, and built a global UX organization as Chief Design Officer at [247].AI 

Despite my accomplishments, I still felt there was something missing. Promotions made me question my abilities, the pressure to work all the time killed my creativity and made me neglect social relationships, and leadership made me feel as though my craft was secondary. 


I dealt with these issues my entire career, but it wasn’t until I stepped away from my work that I was able to find solutions to these problems.  The desire to help product leaders struggling with the same issues I contended with has led me to coaching. 

Together, we’ll discover your goals, design a tailor-made plan of attack, and deploy your personalized blueprint for success. I intellectually and emotionally understand the hurdles you’re jumping through, because I’ve been in your shoes. 


As an established product designer and certified executive coach, I’m uniquely positioned to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. 


Together, we’ll remedy any issue and re-design the systems you use to put the reigns of control back in your hands. 



“I have grown my work presence, making new relationships out of my virtual meetings. I  have been able to go into my heart and appreciate the strengths I have."

Myra, Learning Experience Designer, Kaiser Permanente 




"Influence Accelerator"

High Impact coaching

Sr. Managers, Directors, Sr. Directors.

Market Research Insights 

  • "I miss practicing my craft now I lead full time"

  • "I fear my team will be marginalized to the point of extinction if I can't compete for resources with established team leaders"

  • "My insecurities hold me back from getting my voice heard confidently to senior leaders"

  • "This new group/company vocabulary is unfamiliar, how to I come up to speed and stop feeling like an imposter?"

  • "How do I need to show up powerfully so senior leadership includes me in decisions that affect my team?"

  • "At this altitude, how do I evaluate my performance at this altitude" 

3 Months


  • Re-ignite your creativity 

  • Present yourself powerfully

  • Speak the language of leadership

  • Win the support of allies 

  • Develop successful KPI's to measure performance 

"Executive Reboot"

in-depth coaching 

New VP's, C-Suite and Entrepreneurs

Market Research Insights

  • "I am worried my leadership style is not a fit at this company"

  • "How could I ensure we build successful new products when sales driven ideas keep getting tossed over the wall?"

  • "I will/I am divorced and seldom see my kids"

  • "I need to stop the excessive layers of review and approvals that slow us down, but is this right challenge to take on? 

  • I dedicate my life to my job and put my relationships and family on hold for now"

  • "How could I use my influence for good and help our CEO stop micromanaging and still keep my job?

  • "I think I am ready to do my own startup - what's my next move?"

6 Months


  • Model a new leadership approach

  • Radically prioritize

  • Invest in self care

  • Achieve what you want to do using new tools

  • Achieve who you want to be using new tools





Assess how others see me

  • Personal intake form

  • 1:1 Interview with manager/partner

  • Clifton Strengthsfinder

What will take me to the next level?

  • Naming my limiting beliefs

  • Identifying my saboteurs 

  • Master daily structure to show up consistently


Vision for CHANGE

What’s important to me?

  • Personal mission statement 

  • Core values 

What do I truly want?

  • Explore my options

  • Clarify my goals

Who do I want to be?

  • Building my board of directors

  • Meeting my leader within

How do I want to live?

  • In home/work environmental assessment



Create my workable plan

  • Commitment to action

Develop personal roadmap 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly accountability


​Acknowledge my accomplishments

  • Challenge myself to take on bigger goals


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