Sally Grisedale

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leadership coaching


Fast track your leadership skills and the way you work with your team(s) and cross-functional counterparts by working one on one with an experienced coach.


I will teach you best practices that are honed from years of product design execution, leadership and operational experience gained at Facebook, Yahoo! and Apple.


Coaching sessions are designed to work for you over a three month or six month period - whether that's over the phone, in person, or Zoom video chat. Schedule a free sample coaching session today. 

Invest in an outsider’s perspective on how to successfully support yourself and your team.

HOW Co-Active Coaching Works

The Co-Active coaching model puts the focus of our conversation on what's possible. Every situation, however pressing or challenging, has possibilities, and you really do have the power of choice. 


Our calls will focus on you and your discovery, awareness, and choices. With my encouragement and support, you will discover ways to find your own answers and make important choices about what matters most to you.

“Thank you for your support, you helped me reach the next step in my career"
Maria,  Sr Product Designer
Representative Clients
"The only safe ship in a storm is leadership" 
Faye Wattleton