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We focus on you and your discovery, awareness, and choices. With my encouragement and support, you will learn ways to find your own answers and make important choices about what matters most to you personally and professionally.


From this place of greater self awareness and alignment with your core values, we will co create a future that is relevant, inspiring and fundamentally important to you. Next, we will build a pathway to achieving this future and a roadmap you can follow to realize it.

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Invest in an outsider's perspective on how to successfully support yourself and your team.


Fast track your team's ability to work together, partner with other teams, expand your groups operational influence and have bigger impact delivering consistent results that matter.


I will teach you and your team best practices that are honed from years of product design execution, leadership and operational experiences at Facebook, Yahoo! and Apple.

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What Clients Are Saying


It is making a huge difference. Now peers and senior leaders see me as an essential member of a cross-functional product team, and I get invited to work on the companies most pressing problems 


Knowing Sally was in my court, and available to answer questions, she supported me as I landed my dream job, at a startup, working alongside other leaders I admire greatly.


First off, I had an amazing coaching experience with Sally. She’s a perfect blend of insightful, patient, caring and challenging.

About Sally

Sally Grisedale is a leadership coach. She helps individuals and teams in the design technology industries and beyond, to develop, iterate and refine their personal and professional influence and impact on the world. 

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Her coaching empowers clients to increase their self-awareness, lead from core values, grow consciousness, exhibit constructive behaviour, develop inner confidence, build healthy self care and resourcefulness along the way. 


Sally brings her own experience as a product design executive to the work she does with clients and their teams. She has created and led cross functional product design teams for the world's leading technology companies including Apple, Yahoo! and Facebook.


Sally is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (UK), and a student of Neuroscience for Leadership Development and Chinese Medicine.


She brings these practices to her work coaching both individuals and teams. Her skill and experiences take clients on a journey out of the status quo and forward to something new, with a foundation in sustainable abundance and grounded optimism.

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