About Sally


I’m a former product design executive at Facebook, Yahoo!, and Apple and bring the experience of researching, designing, and deploying products and teams globally to my skillset as a Co-Active leadership coach.


If you are looking to revamp your career and improve your life, let's talk! Together, we’ll create a tailor-made plan of attack that will equip you to expand your leadership skills for higher impact results. It's time to put your own priorities first, recognize your blind spots, and expand your leadership skills for higher impact results. Let me support you with this.


What most people DON'T know about me... is that I began my career at 18 as a secretary working in the Stock Exchange in London. At 28, I moved to the USA alone with a hope and a prayer and worked my way up to lead product design at Facebook, Yahoo!, and Apple. I’m certified coach through Co-Active, the longest known professional coach training and the gold standard in leadership coaching.


My faith in the power of product design teams to solve the world’s most pressing problems began at Apple when, as an interaction designer, I joined a cross-functional team investigating mobile healthcare opportunities for nurse midwives in rural India.


What were the chances of my getting on a project team like this? Who was I, the imposter among so many brilliant technical minds, to be there? But, as I stood looking at the moon shining down on the Rajasthan desert, casting a shadow on a single resilient plant, I thought, who else should be here but me?


Since Apple, I’ve led teams building breakthrough products and optimizing existing ones to new levels of performance and profitability for startups and large companies, including Yahoo! and Facebook.


With each position, I adapted to new organizational cultures, built teams fast and at scale, connected with a wider audience, and helped ship some of the best global consumer and enterprise software products. It has been an amazing journey, and I could not have done this without the support of a coach.

Since 2006, I’ve met with my coach once every two weeks. At first, it was all about learning that how I "showed up" was just as important as the product designs I was presenting. When I started building teams abroad, my coach enabled me to trust my intuition and communicate more clearly.

From immigrant designer to reluctant manager and executive, I’ve learned to live my life by design and help other leaders do the same. I developed a curiosity for improving my self-care and self-awareness to meet the unique demands of executive leadership through the study of Chinese Medicine and Neuroscience of Leadership.


In 2018, I founded Clear Channel Coaching, a bespoke coaching company, to serve extraordinary leaders and creative thinkers through their life changing transitions into personal and professional fulfillment. Very successful leaders, who you wouldn’t think need a coach, seek my help. 


My clients include CEOs, Special Forces operatives, serial entrepreneurs, ivy league academics, product design leaders, and Fellows of the Gratitude Network where I volunteer.


My clients are creative, resourceful, and possess special skills thatI call superpowers. Although they find it quite difficult to put their superpowers in words, I see straight to the heart of their brilliance! 


They hold themselves accountable to the highest professional standards, are committed to their growth, and set a high bar for others to follow. 


They are visionary leaders. When they are being called to step into the next level of leadership, they see the big picture and may feel an intense amount of pressure. I step in to help them recognize the incremental changes that need to occur to bring the big picture into focus. 

As a high-performer, I strive for efficiency, constantly seeking ways to refine my craft and practice my art. I am relentless in the pursuit of my own professional and personal leadership development, especially through design thinking. 


I chose to be a coach, because I developed a passion for being a voice for those people whose careers ended prematurely. As I saw how such a transition affected my father, I wanted to ensure that no one had to endure mental illness like what led to the break up of my family. This is why I do what I do today. 

If you’re a successful business professional who wants the best tools, relevant skills, and the right mindset to create a future that is highly relevant, inspiring, and fundamentally important to you, but you haven’t managed to make happen on your own let's set up a call, and see if coaching is a fit.

My Coaching Services

Here are things I can help you and/or your team with:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Next Level Leadership Development

  • Design Thinking 

  • Organizational Planning

  • Building a Personal Brand

  • Product Design Strategy 

  • Team Coaching

A Selected Client List

I am fortunate to work with leaders from these companies:

  • Airbnb

  • Adobe

  • Amazon

  • Cellares

  • Command E

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Icomera

  • Microsoft

  • Monrovia

  • Pepperlane

  • The RealReal

  • Stanford University

  • Zillow