Sally Grisedale

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Identify Core Values

Learn to focus on what's important to you so that your decisions and choices reflect your values. Share those values with your team to bring internal cohesion.

Develop Your Creativity

Invest in growing your own curiosity to solve problems in new ways. Learn how to inspire your team with your own creativity.


Practice Mindfulness

Scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase charisma and performance, learn how to ‘self-regulate’ your attention so you can focus on adopting a neutral attitude toward experiences in the present moment.

Quiet Limiting Beliefs

Self limiting behaviour often shows up most strongly just when you need the courage to take risks for the sake of change, or when it feels like there is a great deal at stake professionally. You will learn how to identify and release fear based behavior’s that hold you back from being the authentic leader we need in the world right now.

Ask Powerful Questions

Learn how to ask powerful questions and avoid being blindsided by 'old' narratives that have confirmation bias.


Lose Your Inner Critic

Transform the relationship to your "inner critics" and lead from a place of full potential.

HOW Co-Active Coaching Works

Coaches Training Institute (CTI) is the longest running, highest standard of professional coaches training in the country. It's model of Co-Active communication offers  a unique way to listen, explore, raise awareness, make choices and take risks.


Unlike therapy, that looks at finding the cause of a problem, or mentorship, which is based on rank, Co-Active coaching puts the focus of the conversation on what's possible. 

Co-Active conversations focus on discovery, awareness, and choice. Every situation, however pressing or challenging, has possibilities, and people really do have the power of choice. 
Through Co-Active coaching, you discover ways to find your own answers. With encouragement and support, you will get on a path to search for possibilities and make important choices about what  matters most to you.
“If it doesn't scare you, you're probably not dreaming big enough"
Tory Burch