Who will you be a year from now?

Imagine how you want to feel this time next year?

Put on some music, and reflect on all the different areas of your life: family and friends, career and money, health and romance, home and personal growth. Hobbies and recreation you do for fun.

Music is a wonderful way to get in touch with your feelings, so allow my playlist to transport you to your happiest self, and imagine who you want to become a year from now.

Ask yourself for each Life Area:

  • What will I stop resisting to bring what I truly want into my life?

  • Who will help me?

  • What’s possible when my life is fulfilled?

  • Who have I become?

Worried you are being silly or self-indulgent?

Worried you might fail to come up with something?

Here's the deal, when you strive to become more effective, happier, and fulfilled in one area of your life, it affects all areas of your life. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s OK! Everyone is allowed to fail. In failing we learn about ourselves.

Would you agree it’s better to fail to meet a goal that’s worthy of your time and effort than something that’s not? Would you agree it's better to try something new than do nothing at all?

Ready to open yourself up to life again in 2021?

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