My Clients Success Story

“I want to thank you for getting me through my year of grief and soul searching. I am in such a better place now. A lot of that growth I owe to you”.

I received this note from a client. Like me, she had been let go from a company and a team that she led and loved. Her departure coincided with her wife being let go from her full-time job on the same day.

Suddenly, she was facing economic and emotional devastation at the abrupt end to her career and a regular paycheck that kept her, her wife, and two children alive.

A once vigorous, ambitious, joyful woman was taken out of play, put on the bench, and left feeling unsure of what the future held. She was dipping into savings to take care of her family and feeling overwrought watching everything she’d built disappear on the outside while completely shutting down on the inside.

In a moment in her life where investing in herself was probably the last thing on her mind, she tapped into her inner leader, took a leap of faith, and bet on herself.

Part of our work together was getting clear about who she was at this moment in her life, not who she used to be. As a result, she began to see herself the way others do, as an engaging, playful, helpful, provocative, wickedly smart person.

Remember Megan Rapinoe who led the US women’s soccer team to victory in the 2019 World Cup? My client has that charisma. That was the leadership she embodied, and it was an identity she lived for with her team at the company she was let go from.

Together, we rediscovered and redefined who she is as a leader and incorporated fun and fulfillment into her lifestyle.

The grief she carried in her heart at her career-ending is no longer a bag of woe she carries with her or the first thing that is on her lips when she speaks.

Today she is well established with a new company, her managers love her, and she gets to represent her company at prestigious industry conferences where she presents a retrospective of her work with other women leaders in her area.

Coming into alignment with your deeply held values allows you to leverage your natural powers and lead from your greatest strengths as you transition into new and exciting levels of leadership.

If you are transitioning out of a long and successful corporate career, my 1:1 coaching program may be perfect for you. Let’s work together to reactivate your leadership skills, so you can manifest what you truly want and bring your vision into reality.

Like this incredible client, I can help you recognize the incremental changes that need to occur to bring the big picture into focus.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash