California COVID-19 Reopening: Track Your Leadership Progress

You made it!

You lived through Covid-19, and your vaccination is working against the latest Delta variant. Despite the residual fear, you see life beginning to return to normal.

The movie theaters open, you shake a hand, or meet friends at a restaurant for dinner. Human interaction, long denied, makes your heart swell and your breathe a little deeper.

You feel your feelings more than before the pandemic. Your emotions run closer to the surface. Inertia swims like an undercurrent, and you long for more alone time.

To survive disorder, despair, and devastation, you buried yourself deep inside. You dug in deep, tapping resources you didn’t know were there for you: your inner leader.

Today in California, as we open up for business after 14 months, you get to be the author of your life again!

  • Who have you become through all of this? Do you accept all of you - the shining wholeness and the broken bits? This is self-acceptance.

  • What do you want to make real in the world? Will you claim responsibility for your life story, or will you give it away, and let others tell you what you should do? This is self-authority.

When you honor and accept who you are and how you show up, this is the very best part of you - your inner leader.

Your inner leader is always there to guide you. Let it keep guiding you toward greatness as you return to “normal” life again.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash