Coaching Invitation to Product Leaders

This is an invitation to join my bespoke 1:1 private coaching program that helps extraordinary leaders step into a new level of leadership success and achieve spectacular outcomes.

Are you taking on a new role working with leaders whose trust and respect you wish to earn?

Working in 90-day sprints, I coach leaders through career change, helping them activate leadership skills to manifest what they truly want. In this time, we work on the following things:

  • Identify and manage feelings of being an imposter, so you can make decisions inspired by sustainable abundance and grounded optimism

  • Reclaim your natural powers and lead from your greatest strengths

  • Grow your influence and surround yourself with people who align with your truth

  • Create new structures so you can operate from a foundation of your own creation

  • Re-identify your values and make decisions based on that which is important to you

  • Integrate a holistic approach to well-being and personal growth so you can step through your transition with the power to lead a life you truly want

I work with creative, resourceful leaders who hold themselves accountable to the highest professional standards, are committed to their growth, and set a high bar for others to follow.

If you are a visionary leader being called to step into the next level of leadership, I can help you recognize the incremental changes needed to bring the big picture into focus.

As a former chief design officer and product design expert for Apple, Yahoo!, and Facebook, I’ve learned to design my life the way I want it, and now I help others do the same. I’ve been here, I've done this. You want to take the hard road, go alone, but if not, let's do this.

If you’d like to learn more about my 90-day 1:1 coaching program, please book a call below, and we'll see if coaching is a fit.