Finding Comfort from Covid-19 in Netflix and FastFood?

December 2020 and it's been 30 days and I’ve watched the complete series of Bridgerton, Virgin River, The Queen's Gambit, Lupin, and my current guilty pleasure, Lucifer.

I wanted to remain immune to subscription TV, but when friends and family of all ages and nationalities shared how Bridgerton had improved their sex life and were miffed the star of Queens Gambit is blond, not a red head, well, I had to find out more. On Christmas Eve 2020, I signed up for Netflix. My tribe was thrilled that I could engage in a proper conversation again.

When Omar Sy, son of West African parents, plays French gentleman thief “Lupin,” 70 million households tuned in after its release on Jan 8, 2021. I drink in the rewards of escapism and wonder if I ever walked those streets in Paris.

Burger King

I had the same dopamine hit eating a bacon cheeseburger twice this month. I haven’t been in a fast food restaurant since 1993 when, fresh off the boat from England, I ran into a KFC and ran out repulsed by the oily, nauseating, chlorine rinsed old broiler I was served. It was nothing like British KFC’s spicy, moist chicken I grew up on.

Someone just visited my website from Beijing and another from Blue Bell, PA. Are they eating a bacon cheeseburger and fries? Are they, like me, poised to watch season three, episode seven of Lucifer?

I never enjoyed subscription TV or fast food until now. Here I am slipping silently into the arms of global programming and empty carbs, courtesy of Netflix and Burger King. Waiting in line at Burger King behind a Ford F-150 and a Ram 3500 pickup truck, the vanity plate read “HAMMRD”. My electric vehicle low on the ground sucked up exhaust fumes.

Couch Potato

Back in the comfort of my leather chair, cat on my lap, I chew on fries. I was there so long, Netflix sent me a screen prompt, “Are you still watching Lucifer?” My Netflix nurse checks me for signs of life. I hit “OK” on the remote control and the dopamine distraction drip continues flowing into my body.

Question For You

Does Netflix and Burger King have a place in your life this month? Do you use escapism to avoid difficult conversations or that painful process of going into the cocoon to experience your next level of transitional growth?

Escaping and/or avoiding is part of the breakdown process that happens before the breakthrough.

It’s an OK space to be in, ONLY IF, you recognize it for what it is and don’t get stuck there. When you’re ready to put down the remote (but not the cat), Contact me and we’ll set up a call. Let's see if coaching is a fit for you.

Photo by for Unsplash