How to Activate Your Drive And Get What You Really Want

Here in California it's springtime; the daffodils are blooming, birds are building nests, and the force of nature is bursting from the ground. Seedlings break through the hard earth, their delicate heads reaching for the sun.

As spring unfolds, it’s time to step away from Netflix, put down the Burger King (or whatever kept you comatose through Covid-19), and ask yourself how you will grow in the way that is right for you?

There is a growth plan inside each of us and spring is a good time to look at what you really want. I call it waking up your drive.

How will you activate your drive to grow toward the light?

It’s easier to do this when you bring to mind someone who you think really has it all. They could be someone you know or someone famous, now or in the past.

Maybe it’s someone in business or entertainment, or a friend or relative who seems to have it all. Picture them and the life they are living clearly in your mind. But, don’t go all altruistic and choose Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama. Rather, focus on someone you envy for the fantastic life they have built for themself.

Now, pick one trait or aspect about them that you would really like to have, too. Maybe it’s a personality trait you wish you could have. Maybe they are confident and always seem to be at ease.

Maybe they are warm and relaxed, and the minute they walk into a room, everyone likes them. Maybe they are really smart and climbed the ladder in their career.

Maybe they created financial security without burning out. Maybe they used what they learned during a long corporate career to build a successful business of their own.

Now, imagine that you are like that.

  • Feel into having that characteristic yourself.

  • Own that.

  • Take it in.

  • Soak in it.

  • How does it feel to have this?

  • Does your energy feel different when you have it?

Now, pick something else about them. Maybe you want something they have, like vacation homes all over the world, a perfect body, international brand recognition, a best-selling book, or a stable filled with horses. Imagine having that too.

  • How does that feel?

  • Do you hold yourself differently when you feel that in your body?

  • Do you feel different emotionally when you have that, too?

Now, think of something else they have that you would like to have. If nothing comes to mind, think of someone else who seems to have it all, and choose something they have.

Maybe it's a beautiful home at the beach. Maybe you want a personal trainer, butler, house cleaner, assistant, or chef. Maybe it's having the freedom to buy whatever catches your eye or to eat at every Michelin star restaurant in the USA. Imagine that you have that in your life right now.

  • How does it feel to attain something that you have always wanted?

  • How does it feel to live that big?

Feel the energy rise inside you and spread upward throughout your system.

Use the energy of spring and activate your drive to pull in a bigger, better life for yourself.

When you pull in a plan for a better future, you will gain the confidence to know that you will be able to figure it out as you go.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz for Unsplash