How to Change Career Successfully at 50

Photo by Suzanne D Williams for Unsplash

When my coach suggested I could leave corporate life and be a coach, every cell in my body vibrated with the truth of her suggestion. I was on the top floor of the Nobu Hotel in Palo Alto looking out at the mountains. My thoughts ran to them and they boomeranged back: Yes, that’s you!

II couldn’t imagine what my life would be like as a coach. To have complete control over my calendar. To pick who I worked with. To be well paid. To be creative, resourceful, and whole again.

I knew first hand the value of coaching. I’ve worked with coaches to develop my skills as a leader since 2006. At that moment, in Palo Alto, I realized I could become a coach too.

First, I was trained and certified as a Co-Active coach. I coached as many people as possible for a year for a small fee. I needed to confirm that the result of my coaching was more than just feeling good empathy and was grounded in measurable results.

In my second year, I studied business development and worked with a coach to develop an online content marketing presence that spoke to my audience. I evolved my own brand of coaching and launched my company, Clear Channel Coaching.

In the first two years, I wasn’t entirely clear where I was going. Everything I did was new and unfamiliar. I could take nothing for granted. But I persisted and put in the hours.

As I saw clients work through challenges and find new perspectives on worn out patterns of behaviour, synchronicity happened. I released the patterns of behaviour that weighed me down, and it allowed me to accept that I could live my life as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

The life I live today and the people I coach feed my soul. I’m relieved and grateful to be able to pull together all my skills to support others on their journey to what they really want for themselves.

Now I’m on a mission to inspire creative thinkers and extraordinary leaders to dream and think much bigger, not just meet the dreams of their employers!

If you can dream it, you will create it!

  • It IS possible to have the freedom to work from anywhere, pick who you work with, and have control over your time.

  • It IS possible to make money doing what you love and make a difference in other people's lives.

  • It IS possible to combine your passion and purpose and be creative, resourceful, and whole again.

How do I know these things are possible?

Because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped other creative thinkers and extraordinary leaders do it as well.

You are worthy of living a life that sets your soul on fire and keeps your bank account full.