How to Future-Proof Your Career from an Uncertain Tomorrow

  • Are you over 40 and at the top of your professional game?

  • Is the money rolling in, and your company is set to grow, maybe even IPO or get acquired in the next couple of years?

  • Is your role as senior leader in and around the C suite?

  • Are you genuinely fond of the teams you lead, the work you create, and/or the clients you manage?

  • Does your professional success allow you to take care of your family?

  • Have you learned to take care of yourself and remain viable in a youth-led industry?

  • Have you set a financial goal, and once you attain it, you will quit your job and do what you truly want?

  • Are you being subsumed by work for 15 hours a day?

As you put in the hours towards your financial exit strategy, you don’t have time to design what you will do in five years. If all goes to plan, your career in the fast lane will grow with your company, so there’s no point in planning today's life after the corporate treadmill for an uncertain tomorrow, right?

And 10 years from now, you will have enough money to buy the future you want, so there’s no need to plan life beyond corporate right?


You are biologically primed for change. Over the next 10 years, you will experience changes that are mental, physical, hormonal, emotional, and will challenge your assumptions, expectations, and values. They will challenge your current relationship to work, love, relationships, dreams, and health and wellness in ways you cannot yet imagine.

For example, your appetite for hard work and clear-headed thinking will shift. Your physical strength and stamina will decrease in some areas. The excitement of closing deals, receiving a promotion, or launching a product won’t hold your interest like it used to. You will no longer thrive on the cut and thrust of office politics. You will cease caring for the bullshit coming out of your own mouth, let alone from your colleagues.

Betrayed by your body and in the prime of your career, you will do anything to hide your new found “vulnerability,” as you find yourself enduring imposter syndrome. Reality shifts and you see your amazing career in a frightening new light.

  • You’re bored – after 20+ years of working, you’ve seen and heard it all before, but your much younger boss is still drinking the Kool-aid.

  • You’re exhausted – The treadmill is already on a steep incline and only getting steeper. Your run rate is very high, and to keep up appearances, you spend what you make, and the cycle keeps going around.

  • You’re disillusioned – Leaders you once admired are focused on profit, cost reduction, and self-preservation.

Well...enough is enough! It’s time to stop this and take a stand for yourself. Now is the time to research your future. Don’t wait five or ten years. Do it now before you’re aged out, pushed out, let go, laid off, golden parachuted, or fired! Here’s what you could do.

Take a moment to invite ego, ambition, fear, greed, and scarcity mindset to a meeting room at the back of your Gulfstream G650. The lounge has Michelin star restaurant snacks, cocktails from Mace in New York, and an agenda to keep your curiosity engaged for the high-end lifestyle you’ve grown to love.

  • Whose ride into space have you booked - Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Axiom, Boeing, or Space Adventures?

  • Is a private winery in Saratoga, near the office, or in the Napa Valley, to get away from the office, a better place to enjoy your wine collection?

Now that your distractors and saboteurs are safely occupied, let's move to the front cabin and invite some new ideas on board. You know who they are:

  • Ideas that when you speak them you feel alive.

  • Ideas that give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

  • Ideas that, if you weren’t working 15 hours a day, you would nourish, cultivate, and be open to learning, practicing, studying, and beginning to manifest.

Let’s invite your soul to join the party, and ask your consciousness, abundance, and creativity along, too. Don’t worry, fear, greed, and scarcity are back in the lounge with ego, drive, and ambition. Now ask yourself:

  • What if you lowered the incline on the treadmill? What would that feel like?

  • If you had control over your calendar, what would you stop doing? Who would you spend time with? What would you create?

  • When your soul whispers what it wants for you in your ear, what does it say?

  • If you stop being afraid and repressing your power, for fear of treading on toes, what becomes possible?

  • If you played a much bigger game, who would you be?

Do you want to future proof your career by planning a fulfilling life that makes sense of your leadership experience? Do you want to create a roadmap for a fulfilling future, but you haven’t managed to make it happen on your own yet? Let's set up a call and see if coaching is a fit.

Photo by Victor Garcia