Spring is calling... Who will you become this season?

Photo by Sergey Schmidt for Unsplash

Its February 2021 and spring is in the air. As winter gives way to spring, we start to come out of emotional, physical, and social hibernation.

In California, the poppies are poking their heads up through the ground, and birds are calling out to one another. Trust nature to give us the kick in the butt we need after a winter of frigid isolation!

Spring energy supports us with our journey now, making it a perfect moment to step back and choose the routines and rituals that make us feel truly happy and supported.

As a bulb in the ground seeks to break through the earth into the sunlight, what do you want to grow into this spring?

I coach people who want to break through and activate their creative leadership skills and manifest what they truly want.

Is nature calling you to step up your creative leadership game? I will help you recognize the incremental changes needed to bring the big picture into focus. Together, we work on:

  • Growing your influence and surrounding yourself with people who align with your truth

  • Creating new structures so you can operate from a foundation of your own creation

  • Reclaiming your natural powers (superpowers) and leading from your greatest strengths

As a former chief design officer and product designer for Apple, Yahoo!, and Facebook, I’ve learned to design my life the way I want it, and now I help others do the same.

If you're ready to break ground on a new career, new role or explore a part of your life you've overlooked, let's have a call and see if coaching is a fit.