The ROI of Effective Goal Setting

How to Create KPI's, MBO's, and SMART Goals

Having fun is something extraordinary leaders make a priority and set as a goal for themself. In order to sustain their power and influence for the long haul, they master the ability to quickly unwind from the stress of working.

Planning fun and recreation into their busy schedules are vehicles that support their leadership stamina and well being. The process of goal setting begins with setting an intention. What are you committed to?


“Living a fulfilled and happy life”

Next, describe the outcomes that would come from this commitment, using the first person.


I laugh hard on a regular basis, and while I sometimes fear for my internal organs, I LOVE it. I enjoy my time with friends and family. I have started playing the piano again, and I FINALLY have started reading those great books I’ve been talking about all these years. Several loved ones have told me that I am smiling more and seem more at ease these days.”

Lastly, turn the outcomes into SMART goals. For example:


Specific: States exactly what is to be done.

  • “To enhance my reading pleasure and reconnect with the friends I grew up with, I'm starting a book club.”

Measurable: This is what’s needed to achieve the goal.

  • “Invite eight childhood friends to be part of a monthly, one-hour book club.”

Achievable: Determines how the goal can be reached.

  • “Create an invitation and reach out to my friends. Share the logistics, tell them why this book club and why now. Invite them to a survey of the childhood fiction I enjoy and rank the ones they like most"

Relevant: Ensures the goal remains attainable and inspiring.

  • “Create a reading list devoted to childhood fiction in Minneapolis, and ask my childhood friends to contribute to the list, decide which book we’ll read first, and determine the best way to rate and review each book together.”

Time Bound: Specifies the time and/or date by which the goal needs to be attained.

  • “Send a calendar invite for our first months online book club meeting for January 5th.”

When you work with me as your coach, you will learn how to integrate your life goals, yes all of them, and turn them into SMART goals you can actually meet.

Want access to this? Let's chat over a complimentary coaching consultation. Together, we can discuss how you want to achieve your personal and professional objectives and a roadmap of SMART goals to getting there.

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