What are you committed to having?

Commitments are ongoing quality-of-life shifts. Unlike a goal, a commitment is not measurable. It’s a personal declaration to create a new way of being.

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What are you Committed To?

Looking at the eight dimensions of your life, ask yourself, what are you committed to?

As you, noodle on this, play the musical track I recommend as you read the example commitment provided as inspiration, then write your own list of things you are committed to in each are of your life.


  • Listen to: Shiny Happy People, R.E.M

  • Example: “Being in good mental and physical health every day this year”

  • Write: I am committed to ...

Recreation/Fun/Free Time/Hobbies

  • Listen to: Happy, Pharrell Williams

  • Example: Living a fulfilled and happy life”

  • Write: I am committed to ...


  • Listen to: Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5

  • Example: “Becoming debt free”

  • Write: I am committed to ...


  • Listen to: I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

  • Example: “Becoming known, liked, and trusted in my business”

  • Write: I am committed to …


Personal Growth

  • Listen to: Lovely Day, Bill Withers (RIP)

  • Example: Taking small actions on a daily basis to create forward momentum in my life”

  • Write: I am committed to ...

Family and Friends

  • Listen to: We Are Family, Sister Sledge

  • Example: “Being a doting husband, father, and grandfather”

  • Write: I am committed to …

Building goals the right way will help you gracefully navigate the challenges life throws at you. I want to support you in creating a measurable life plan, and together we’ll design a tailor-made plan that will help you reach both your professional and personal goals.

Let’s chat over a complimentary coaching consultation to learn more about how together, we can achieve your commitments.

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