What Goals Will You Set Yourself?

Commitments vs. Goals

Commitments and goals can easily turn into a glorified ‘to do’ list that you'll grow tired of quickly. As you think about the future and what you hope to accomplish, take the opportunity to consider the following:

  • Commitments are landmarks that help you move your life in new and exciting ways.

  • Goals are the signposts that show you the way to reaching your destination.

How committed are you to each of your goals?

It’s OK if you’re not 10/10 committed. These are your goals, so make them exciting.

  • Professionally: I’m excited to work with extraordinary leaders and creative thinkers every day as their coach.

  • Recreationally: I'm excited to improve my tennis game so I can join the USTA.

Are the actions you’re taking towards achieving your goals still appropriate?

If a recruiter calls you and invites you to interview for a position with a company or position that isn’t exciting, there’s no point continuing the interview process if it’s not what you truly want.

Is anything blocking you from moving you forward?

A lot of what holds us back in life are the thought processes and feelings at work to keep you from moving your life forward. Coach Jeff Jacobson says this is “neither good nor bad, it's the stuff that can feel very heavy and impossible to pull yourself out from under; but it's not who you are.”

Limiting beliefs, called ‘saboteurs’ in coaching speak, will block you from moving forward. With coaching they lose their hold over you when you can notice them, you are free to take action based on your dreams, goals, values, and clear thinking.

Is there anything else that needs attention more than your original goal?

Let's say you were known for your ability to deliver impeccable results on time and within budget and you set yourself a goal to get your work into the next product release cycle.

In your hurry to provide solutions, you work away on your own and forget to chat with team members on whom the decision to include your work in the release depends.

At launch you discover a colleague has a solution you think inferior to your own. However, this colleague gathered input and feedback from stakeholders and earned their trust by doing so. It is your colleagues' solution that goes out at the launch, not yours.

Building rapport with colleagues, especially when you are working remotely, needs more attention than your original goal.

I help creative thinkers and extraordinary leaders co-create landmarks that help move life forward in new and exciting ways. When you are onboard with me as your coach, commitment and goal planning across all aspects of your life are part of the work we do together.

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