Why Support is the Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself During a Life Transition

Coaching is not a replacement for therapy or a hug from a loved one, but it will support you through a life transition triggered by success or trauma. You can benefit from coaching in many ways. Here are three ways I support creative thinkers and extraordinary leaders as a leadership coach to step into their greatness and play a bigger game.

1. Find your voice again

Speaking with a neutral third party allows you to give voice to what’s really on your mind. To be truly listened to is a striking experience, partly because it’s so rare. When you're heard completely, you experience the feeling of being seen and understood. The symptoms of stress, which include shallow breath, rapid speech, and feeling frozen in place, subside, and you are able to find your voice again.

2. Recall the bigger picture of your entire life

Stories matter. We live inside our own myth and carry it around with us. Being asked about your life, your work, your interests, what makes you tick, and what ticks you off helps bring your life story into focus.

Asking open-ended questions with deep curiosity and authenticity builds trust, and relationships grow effortlessly. Sharing your perspective with a coach enables you to upgrade your individual stories that will keep you safe now and in the future.

3. Connect to a sense of agency and feel empowered again

Through partnership in scenario planning you will become fluent in what lies ahead six months, a year, and five years from now. Coaching helps you to explore what's truly important to you, how you will lead your life, and who you want to become. The experience empowers you to create a future for yourself that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash