We meet once a week by Zoom or by phone. Sessions are 1 hour, and I am available via email and short phone call between sessions.


As your coach I am here to support you expand your career and improve your life. I will help you to define your strengths, values, goals, and growth opportunities. 


You can expect my full support in the actions you will take to determine and achieve your goals.

You will have access to state of the art coaching techniques, tools and resources you can apply directly to your relationships at work and at home.

Contact me to set up a free discovery call


I host coaching 'office hours' over Zoom or by phone for your team or key individuals. Sessions are tailored to your teams unique requirements. 


We focus on exercises to support your team's ability to work together, partner with other teams, expand organizational influence and have more impact delivering consistent results that matter.


I will teach you and your team best practices that are honed from years of product design execution, leadership and operational experiences at Facebook, Yahoo! and Apple.

Contact me to customize a program for your team.


In our 12 weeks together, you are going to learn how to grow your confidence as a leader and bring your career to a new level of leadership and business opportunity. Here are the key benefits to 1:1 coaching.

Being a Great Leader

Doing High Performing Teams

Quiet Limiting Beliefs

Become the authentic leader we need you to be in the world right now by identifying and breaking through roadblocks that are in your way.

Practice Mindfulness

Adopt a neutral attitude toward experiences in the moment by learning to 'self-regulate' your attention, 


Ask Powerful Questions

Avoid being blindsided by learning how to ask powerful questions, positioning yourself as the thoughtful trustworthy leader who works smarter, not harder.

Lose Your Inner Critic

Transform the relationship to your 'inner critics' called 'saboteurs'. Learn who your 'saboteurs' are, how to spot them, and mitigate their negative influence.

Identify Core Values

Make decisions that reflect your values and learn to create a cohesive team round those values.​

Organizational Design

Build and retain diverse teams that scale.

Raise Your Profile

Be the subject matter expert senior leaders and industry consults with before making a decision.

Radical Prioritization

Prioritize your time and energy so you can stop running on empty, sacrificing quality because you're spreading yourself too thin.​

Develop Your Creativity

Invest in growing your curiosity to solve problems in new ways and inspire your team with you creativity.

being & doing

Market Research Insights


  • In my new role working with executives, how do I get them to trust me, and include me in their decision making process?

  • The long hours at work are killing my marriage, how can I make family my priority when work just keeps asking more and more of my time?

  • How do I make myself understood by business leaders when I don't speak their language? 

  • How can I rebuild my career when my self esteem is so low after being laid off/having the baby?

  • What can I do to retain my craft and use my creativity now I'm leading a team full time?  

  • How can I build good rapport, rather than resentment with my cross functional peers?

  • At this new altitude, how do I evaluate and write my own performance review?

  • My manager is much younger than I am. How do I develop my own influence and not step on his toes?

  • It's time I did my own startup, but I'm afraid to leave the safety of this job, how do I get started?

"We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are."

John C. Maxwell

Coaching Method

1. Discover


Assess how others see me

  • Personal intake form

  • 1:1 Interview with manager/partner

  • Clifton Strengthsfinder

What will take me to the next level?

  • Naming my limiting beliefs

  • Identifying my saboteurs 

  • Master daily structure to show up consistently

2. Design


What’s important to me?

  • Personal mission statement 

  • Core values 

What do I truly want?

  • Explore my options

  • Clarify my goals

Who do I want to be?

  • Building my board of directors

  • Meeting my leader within

How do I want to live?

  • In home/work environmental assessment

3. Deploy


Create my workable plan

  • Commitment to action

Develop personal roadmap 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly accountability


​Acknowledge my accomplishments

  • Challenge myself to take on bigger goals

"If it doesn't scare you, you're probably not

dreaming big enough"

Tory Birch

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