1 Influence Accelerator

High Impact coaching

For Sr. Managers, Directors, Sr. Directors.

Market Research Insights 

  • How can we build successful new products when sales driven ideas keep getting tossed over the wall?

  • I miss practicing my craft now I lead full time

  • How can I show up powerfully so leadership includes me in decisions that affect my team?

  • I fear my team will be marginalized to the point of extinction 

  • How do I evaluate my performance at this new altitude?

3 Months


  • Identify and replace old models of leadership

  • Re-ignite your creativity 

  • Present yourself powerfully

  • Speak the language of leadership

  • Win the support of peers & stakeholders

  • Invest in daily self care (MEDS)

2 Executive Reboot

in-depth coaching 

For New VP's, C-Suite and Entrepreneurs

Market Research Insights

  • "I think I am ready to do my own startup - what's my transition plan and exciting strategy going to be?"

  • "Working all these hours, I miss my kids and my relationship is suffering" 

  • "My leadership style is not a fit at this company, if I don't adapt to the culture I am going to lose this job"

  • "How might  I use my influence for good and help this company do even better?"

6 Months

Results (includes results from 3 month)

  • Model a new leadership approach

  • Alignment to core values

  • Master of radical prioritization

  • A vision and plan to what you truly want 

  • Embodiment plan for who you want to be


1. discover


Assess how others see me

  • Personal intake form

  • 1:1 Interview with manager/partner

  • Clifton Strengthsfinder

What will take me to the next level?

  • Naming my limiting beliefs

  • Identifying my saboteurs 

  • Master daily structure to show up consistently

2. design

Vision for CHANGE

What’s important to me?

  • Personal mission statement 

  • Core values 

What do I truly want?

  • Explore my options

  • Clarify my goals

Who do I want to be?

  • Building my board of directors

  • Meeting my leader within

How do I want to live?

  • In home/work environmental assessment

3. deploy


Create my workable plan

  • Commitment to action

Develop personal roadmap 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly accountability


​Acknowledge my accomplishments

  • Challenge myself to take on bigger goals


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