I had an amazing coaching experience with Sally. She’s a perfect blend of insightful, patient, caring and challenging. Her ability to understand and synthesize what I was exploring in ways that she could bounce back to me brought a lot of clarity. 


Central to our coaching relationship is her expertise in my field of design. Sally very rarely stepped into a direction role, leveraging her prior professional expertise — but knowing it informed her analysis was very key to my ability to hear and trust her as my coach. 


I came to Sally as a designer who was stuck at UX designer level and wanted to move up the ladder. Sally helped me look at my inner thoughts and myself as a person. She didn't tell me things directly, it was more of a discovery for myself. At the same time I had confidence that I am with a design expert/ executive who has been there and done that.


There is a safe space with Sally, where I could share my innermost thoughts without the fear of being judged. I discovered a lot of elements/ experiences which I had labeled as negative in my head. What was most valuable to me was that I learnt to accept myself as I am.


As a result of coaching with Sally, 4 almost magical changes happened in my life:

  1. I am a calmer person.

  2. My communication skills improved.

  3. I was able to move up to a Senior position.

  4. I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how people perceive me. I would highly recommend working with Sally. 


You helped me through a really tough time, gave me goalposts and acknowledgement that it's not just me. 


You’ve been there, and can offer up real suggestions for dealing with all the stuff. Plus, you are super caring and empathetic. I come out of our session feeling ready to take it all on. You know your stuff, you tailor the sessions to my needs. I’ve felt supported but every week I get a plan.


Through coaching with Sally I've learned what's unique about me. My cultural, educational background, and the environment I grew up in, all contribute to who I am and where I am at today. 


Now I'm able to connect my goals with my own self and feel more conscious of who I am and what I want. I feel more confident and more comfortable with being myself. Iv'e stopped looking at other people and thinking that's the way I should be living. Instead, I live up to my own values and goals. 

Sally helped me to really get focused on what's important to me and taking action and not dwell on negative feelings caused by self-criticism and lack of achievements.

I feel more comfortable opening myself up to other people - I'm not afraid of asking for other people's thoughts or sharing my thoughts with them. 


Strap yourself in and get ready for a journey of self-discovery and accountability!


Sally will insightfully explore exactly what you need to look deeply at in each session, and craft unique experiences for the work you need to do to help you get unstuck and go for your goals.


Sally is the perfect individual to give honest insight and wisdom to anyone who struggles with identifying their professional strengths and weaknesses.


A true example of a Mentor/Coach and catalyst for someone's success in their professional development.

I help creative thinkers and extraordinary leaders

become more agile, aware, and human

in their leadership, influence, and impact.


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